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Current rates are as follows:
All Pages$25
All Pages$100
Advertising Information
  • What is a banner ad?
    A banner ad is a graphical link to your website that is placed on other high-traffic websites.

  • What does a banner ad cost?
    Ad prices are broken down into a simple scale of $25 per 10,000 impressions or $100 per 50,000 impressions. This is about half the industry standard rate for banner advertising.

  • Why would I want a banner ad?
    A banner ad can generate traffic to your website, whether you are promoting an event, selling a product, providing a service, or simply generating awareness. Without traffic, what good is it to have a website?

  • I don't have a banner, how can I get one?
    You can either create your own banner, or for a small fee, we can create one for you. The quality of your banner ad will make a difference in how effective it will be.
    (For more info on creating your own banners, see the details below.)

  • How will I know if my banner ad is effective?
    As a sponsor, you will be able to view daily reports on the number of impressions and click-thrus generated by your banner ad.

  • What are impressions and click-thrus?
    An impression is each time your banner ad is viewed on a visitors screen. Click-thrus are when a visitor visits your website by clicking on the banner ad.

  • How can I get started with an Able Promos banner ad?
    Start by sending an email to ourAdvertising Department providing us the following info; do you have a banner or will you need one? how many impressions do you want? what is the address you will be linking to?

  • What are the limitations on the banner graphics?
    Banners can be either gif or jpg format. We suggest an Image size of 400x50 pixels, but we'll accept up to 500x75. File size should be no larger than 8-10K. Animated banners are fine, but must be within the file size constraint. All Images are subject to approval. All Images should be optimized.

If you are interested in adversting with AblePromos.com, please Contact us.

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