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Why embroider your apparel? Several reasons actually...
  1. It provides your customers with a uniform appearance
  2. Your shirts act as a "walking billboard" advertising your business
  3. It creates an easy solution for an employee dress code
  4. Employees have a sense of team unity

  1. the art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads of silk, cotton, gold, silver, or other material, upon any woven fabric, leather, paper, etc., with a needle.
  2. embroidered work or ornamentation.
  3. elaboration or embellishment, as in telling a story.

Whether it's polo shirts, t-shirts, jackets, hats or other accessories, we are confident you will find our catalogs full of ideas. In addition, if you see something you like but isn't exactly what you are looking for, send us an email and we will research your inquiry further. We work with several different vendors and should be able to fulfill your specific needs. Just getting your business started? Take a look at our starter packages for some great values on polos and woven shirts.

If you rather we research your product inquiry for you, just E-mail us or call us at (224) 800-1640.

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