Screen Printing

We have a low minimum requirement for screen printing your items, whether its shirts, jackets, bags, or hats. In addition, we have many pre-designed screen printing images for your convenience. You may choose one or combine a couple of them when preparing your artwork. If you wish, we offer simple graphic designing services as part of our great customer service commitment to you. Whether it's for business, spirit wear, running club, or family reunion, you will find our selection is vast.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the most effective visual marketing presentation in the textile industry today. A wide array of inks are available, including metallics, transparents, process, and puff plastisols.

Screens are exposed to a light sensitive process, then rinsed under high pressure to create a stencil. The screen (stencil) then allows ink to pass through the design onto the garment. The plastisol ink is then cured through a drying system to insure a permanent, durable graphic.

Why Use Embroidery?

  • It provides your employees or team with a uniform appearance.
  • Your shirts act as a "walking billboard" advertising your business and/or event.
  • It creates an easy solution for an employee dress code.
  • Employees or team have a sense of team unity.